Hiding In The Shell

When the Christian remains silent, we will always get what we DID NOT ask for.

You can point the finger of criticism and piousness all you want, but when it came time to let your voice and spiritual convictions be heard, if you stayed home and remained silent, you are pointing at the individual in your own mirror.

Eight years of hell for hiding in the shell.

If you look at the parable of the Good Samaritan, you find that the wounded man in the ditch was passed over by those who SHOULD HAVE STOPPED AND HELPED!! Men who represented the Church and the heart of God….Yes, it was they who turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the desperate need. Think about it, it was the one “least expected” to make a difference, who stopped, helped, and made a positive difference. Also, he was the one whom Jesus commended!

Now, in the 21st century, our country is that wounded reality in the ditch. Will you self-righteously walk by on the other side, refusing to get involved (for whatever bizarre personal reasoning), or will you stop and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Hiding in a shell only gives more opportunity for hell! Hiding in a shell keeps you from hearing the trumpet call of God. Hiding in a shell may be comfortable, but it is ineffective and unproductive. Hiding in a shell may appear safe from all harm, but it is actually a major contributor to all that is harmful. And that harm will eventually harm you!

Evil says “At this point what difference does it make?” (Talk about men being wounded and thrown in a ditch while those who SHOULD have helped were turning a blind eye and a deaf ear!!!!!) Hiding in a shell!

But the Spirit of God reminds us that life, godliness, and courageous, faithful action ALWAYS MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!

You can cry, “Where were they when (we), our men, needed them?” In less than 100 days, The United States of America will ask you the very same question. And one day, so will your grandchildren, and one day, so will God.

Will you hide in a shell? Or will you be on record in heaven for doing your part to battle hell.

God tells us, “Lean not on your own understanding…..” Think about it!


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