“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/2/16


Life is filled with cares, worries, and pressures galore. There are so many people today who are burdened down heavy with the cares of this life. From work-related issues, to personal and financial hardships, including physical and emotional issues, not to mention the aboding feeling concerning the future.

Many people can’t help but wonder, “Does anyone really see what I’m going through – and – Does anyone really care?” God not only sees what we’re going through – and God not only deeply cares – but He also tells us to “Cast those cares and burdens upon Him.”

What an amazing offer! There are so many voices offering methods, schemes, lotions, potions, and formulas. And of course, many of these so-called solutions are for sale, ending in disappointment, failure, and emptiness.  But only God tells us to place our cares and hardships in ‘His Hands’, and both His offer, and His assistance are absolutely free. And, once these things are in God’s very powerful and capable hands, we find that it is far from an empty offer. Our hearts and burdens are wonderfully lifted, and His unconquerable power is seen and mightily realized in every area of our lives.

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When problems and cares are mounting – big or small – take God up on His powerful and sovereign offer – cast all those cares and burdens upon Him – and You’ll soon find, He not only truly cares, but He also truly helps, leading us to victory, success, and blessing. And His help – endures forever!

Now that’s what I call making you an offer that you can’t refuse.


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