‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 5/20/16


Is there anything better than being totally happy? Well actually, yes there is. Being filled with the Joy of the Lord! Now, this may seem at first glance like just another well-intentioned “religious” statement or semantic, but to only see it this way, or to dismiss it, is to miss out on one of the greatest benefits available to human life.

Happiness is a human emotion that is subjected to circumstances and feelings. But the ‘Joy of the Lord’ is a supernatural gift from God that endures regardless of even the worst of circumstances. Those who have experienced the reality of the ‘Joy of the Lord’ will shout from the rooftops, the great blessing of this divine gift. But those who look at it through the eyes of continued skepticism will only maintain the emotional, and situational status quo, and never experience the beauty, and necessity of this heavenly promise. ‘Emotional’ –  having a happiness depending upon the limitations and experiences of your human nature – and ‘Situational’ – happiness depending upon the circumstances that surround your life.

The ‘Joy of the Lord’ is not dependent upon, limited to, or governed by any of these things. It is a supernatural reality which comes from God, flowing out of His immeasurable love for us. It is a sacred happiness which flows from the inside out, not the outside in. [‘Christ in you, the hope…’]. It is not dependent upon earthly issues, it is built upon the immovable foundation and everlasting glory of the Kingdom of God. [see Colossians 1:27]

‘If the world, influences your world, then like this world, you will be.’ Click To Tweet

Think of the importance of not only tapping into this eternal benefit but also teaching it to our children and grandchildren. The condition of society today is the only headline we need to realize that we cannot live a victorious and blessed life, based upon the reality of those conditions. If the world, influences your world, then like this world you will be. If God’s Kingdom influences your life, then like His Kingdom you will be. It’s up to you!

Greater than happiness – is the Joy of the Lord!


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