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‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 3/31/16

Well. once again we are in a heavy political season. Everyone is promising one thing or another. Some keep their promises – some don’t. While many make promises they know they cannot keep, others make promises they never intend to keep. Each day like a rollercoaster ride, the spin cycle both exhausts and fuels people’s emotions. And all of it is leading, informing, or manipulating people into making a decision as to who they feel best represents their values, issues or objectives. And, who will govern us in one form or another, for another ‘brief’ season.

However, this writing is not about earthly politics, but about who we look to for leadership and governance in our lives pertaining to the spiritual and eternal reality of our being. When it comes to key and life changing decisions, what ‘policies’ and ‘principles’ ought to be in place? And when it comes to the eternal well being of our eternal existence what ‘policies’ and principles’ should be in place there? Regardless of earthly rhetoric, there is the undeniable reality of life – and death. And only God has the policies and principles in place that speak ultimately, truthfully and effectively to that unchanging realty.

God does not change or alter truth to fit the moment or the emotionalism of men Click To Tweet

It is important to recognize that God’s policies do not change with the ebb and flow of popularity, or change in political winds, influence or fortunes. They are eternal! There is no debate, ideology, issue, or changing tide that can ever, or will ever change them – or Him. God does not change or alter truth to fit the moment, or the emotionalism of men. There is no issue or current event that can ever ‘trip’ Him up, or catch Him off Guard. And in all matters, He is perfect and complete in wisdom.

‘For Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and Your dominion endures forever through all generations. The Lord is Trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does.’ [Psalm 145:13].

Nearly 40 years ago I voted for Jesus to be the Lord and King of my life, and He has never broken one single promise He has ever made.

And best of all – He doesn’t just tell the Truth –He is the Truth. And I’m thankful my earthly life, and eternal life, is safe in His hands, under his authority, and governed by His policies and principles.


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