‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 3/25/16


A teenager was applying for a summer job. The man interviewing him said: ‘So young man, I suppose you have many interests that you love, even more than work? Perhaps cars or sports?’ The boy said, ‘Yes, I love baseball, and when I play, I give it everything I’ve got. And when I’m here, I’ll give it everything I’ve got – I’m not big enough to be divided.’

He got the job! What a mature and tremendous attitude to have for a young man. Either that or someone very smart coached him on the right vocabulary for a job interview, (Smile). – Either way, the recognition of not being big enough to be divided is a very powerful and necessary understanding to have. He was bringing that attitude to a summer job. But we ‘all’ need to bring that attitude to ‘everything’ – and most importantly, our relationship to God.

In many ways, we find we are so ‘hands on’ in so many things, that we are just simply running out of hands. As a result, some things get more attention or passion than other things. However, if all of these things are in our lives, and they are blessings, responsibilities, and opportunities that God has given to us – than only through him can we give each thing the full attention, energy, and passion that they deserve. God will impart the necessary wisdom, time, and strength, spiritually, and physically to keep all things in right balance and perspective.

However, through that wisdom, God also shows us some things we may have embraced, or sought after, that are ‘not’ according to His perfect will for us. Hence, He frees us from a divided heart, and a daily schedule that brings more fatigue and stress, than joy and blessing!

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Most importantly, we cannot have a divided heart when it comes to our love and relationship with God. If we let Him guide and teach our hearts, He will help us get all things into place. This way, we are now free from all that would hinder us from experiencing the unspeakable joy of His Presence and the unfathomable blessing of His glorious love.

Our lives, and future last much longer than a summer job. This is why we need to give God ‘everything’ we’ve got. When we give God everything we got, He helps us give everything we got, everything He’s got! Can’t lose!!!

Life is much too important – to be divided.

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  1. David
    It’s only going to get worse than what we see now.
    More homeless are coming on each and every day more people are losing their homes and their lives losing their jobs begging starving for food.

    • David Hirsch (Author)

      Hi Gregg, even more reason to continue to keep our hands to the plow, serve Him in strong accordance with His Holy decree in Matthew 25 concerning the ‘least of these’, and trust Him always for His provision. I truly appreciate your heart, and your comments. May God bless you. Have a safe and blessed weekend!

  2. Wow this was written for me 😉 God has kept me going though having to run in a million different directions. Only through Him can I wake up each morning and face the list of things I have to get done. Great message.

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