‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 3/12/16

Have you ever heard the saying: “You have to learn to read between the lines”?

Or – “Make sure you read the fine print”? One of the main reasons for these sayings is the very real possibility that something being said, or offered, could be – misleading.

In His word, God teaches us that a wise person “Hears the entire matter first, and then he makes his decision.” [See Proverbs 18:13]

Evil and deception counts on us not taking the time to seek God’s wisdom and consider the whole matter. Click To Tweet

It is unfortunate but true, in this life, there will be those who seek to mislead or deceive us in some way. The reason they are successful in their deception is either because we are in too much of a hurry to consider the fullness of what is being said, or, we want what is being offered so badly, we don’t want to take the time necessary to protect ourselves.

Satan was successful in the Garden of Eden, because, in his deception to Eve, she did not first consult with God before making her decision. Adam also fell to the same error. That subtle approach has been the secret weapon of deception and evil ever since. Evil and deception count on us not taking the time to seek God’s wisdom and consider “the whole matter”.

Let’s keep this one simple – Always seek God’s word and wisdom to guide your hearts, minds, and decisions –  in every situation.

No one – can mislead God.


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