Weight of the world on your shoulders.

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 2/5/16

Have you ever felt like the work load or the pressure of a situation is just way to heavy to handle? Perhaps there is a major task you’ve taken on – and you’re finding out it’s so much harder than you at first thought it was going to be.

Do you find you’re always having to take up the slack for someone else, and that’s been wearing heavy upon you lately? Maybe you are in a set of circumstances that are growing increasingly heavy upon your heart, your mind, and even your physical body. This could be through relationships, financial struggles, day to day challenges and responsibilities, commitments, etc.

In any situation like this it is imperative to be willing to know and understand something that can be of amazing and long-lasting benefit and relief. And, it may not be known to many people. But without doubt –  Jesus can help – because He’s been there.

While carrying the cross, Jesus fell to the ground under the great and brutal weight of all that He had endured and all that was upon His shoulders. In that moment, a man named Simon was there to help Him carry and bear the weight of the cross for awhile. (See Mark 15:19-25).

God showed us this to let us know, that He fully understands when things get heavy. In fact, Jesus understands to a degree that no person in human history has ever understood, experienced or imagined. In addition to the brutality, beating, and torture He endured, the betrayal of his friend, the denial of another, plus, carrying the massive weight of that cross upon the scarred, whipped, and torn open flesh of His back – He also took upon Himself the greatest weight of all – the sins of all mankind, throughout all time. And – He was innocent!

In times of our greatest need and greatest heaviness – You can be sure – He understands and He will help!

Please leave a comment of how God helped you with the weight of a burden in your life.


  1. God helped me overcome many things as you know pastor. But one thing that weighed heavy on my heart for such a long time was my biological father. He left when I was a baby and came back when I was a teenager- but only for a very short period of time. He said he loved me and my brother and he missed us so much. He was in tears because he got to see his kids again. He said he had been saved and been teaching children and every time he taught he though of his own kids and it broke his heart that he wasn’t around. After all that he disappeared and I was heart broken. A few months later he came back and since at the time I was newly saved so I did what Christ would do and forgave. It happened several times after that and each time I forgave him but started believing him less. Every Father’s Day that passed by I felt broken because I knew the true heart of my biological father. Every father daughter moment i saw, I thought about the emptiness I felt because my dad didn’t want to be there. But then I was comforted by the words of my Heavenly Father when he says that we are His children and he will NEVER leave nor forsake us. That word brings a peace in my soul knowing that God is God and His word is unchanging.

    • David Hirsch (Author)

      Amen Mia! God is faithful! He said that even if our own mother (parent, father, etc) forgets us, He will NEVER forget us because we are engraved in the palm of His hand. Bless His Name!

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