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‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/23/16


Soup….of the day.

I remember being a kid, growing up and playing hockey on the frozen ponds and lakes of New England. Of course we would always have to ‘walk’ home, freezing, with our skates tied and slung over our shoulders, hockey sticks in our hand and pucks in our pockets. The one and only thought I had on my mind was my Grandmother’s boiling hot tomato soup. I can smell it and taste it even now.

‘Blessed are the soup makers.’

There is something immeasurably wonderful about those precious folks who hear of a friend or loved one who is sick, or down for whatever reason – and then makes them – soup.

I can hear the Heart of God in a modern day ‘Sermon on the Mount saying:

Blessed are the soup makers, for they shall bring love. Click To Tweet

“Blessed are the soup makers…for they shall bring love, smiles, and healing.”

A while back, while being down a bit physically, I was on the receiving end of an absolute spiritual tsunami of soup. Without doubt, the major ingredients in each one were love, affection, kindness, warmth, comfort and strength. I can never say thank you enough to God’s ‘Soup Makers’.

There are many different ways to be a ‘Soup Maker’.

Perhaps you could make a phone call to someone you know is down and out for a while. They may be sick in body, or sad from a disappointment, or a broken heart. How about sending a card or some amazing flowers, or one of those awesome Fruit baskets with chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. I LOVE THOSE BASKETS!

You could drop by with a bag of groceries, or invite them out, or over, for a memorable, meaningful time of friendship and that priceless feeling of ‘Family’.

How ever you make your soup, why not bless someone in your church or family, friends, neighbors, associates etc., who may currently be in need of the godly ingredients found in a loving pot of soup. It’s a great source of warmth in the cold and freezing moments of someone’s life. Go for it, and God will bless you – Mightily.

‘Blessed…. are the Soup Makers’

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