‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/22/16

There’s a saying: “Once time is lost you can never get it back.” But there is a better saying about time: “Do the very best, with the time you have left.”

Yesterday may be gone, but today is still here.

One of the bizarre realities concerning time, is that we often don’t give it much thought. Then there are those moments that come crashing in and all we do is think about it. When that happens, the normal sense is that we have wasted or lost time. This tells us that a wise course of action would be to spend some more time, both thinking about – and enjoying the time that we have. It has also been echoed that ‘Time is the most precious commodity that we have so be careful how you spend it.’

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Time is not working against us, in fact, with God guiding us in His wisdom, time is actually a servant and a friend. There are so many ways to spend and utilize time in a way that is beneficial, enjoyable and eternally profitable. Think of how much time we are given each day to serve God, each other – and –  “Store up for yourselves treasure in heaven…” (see Matthew 6:19-21).

The truth is, God gives us the blessing of time for the personal enjoyment and helping of others while in this earthly life – and, He gives us the blessing of time to invest in the eternal enjoyment of everlasting life for all who have simply placed their trust in God. And this all comes through loving, serving, giving, and doing those things that are a positive contribution to ourselves, our families, society, and others.

So for now, why not spend more time with your family or friends. Or spend more time getting involved in your local Church. You can spend time working on your dream, a favorite hobby, fishing, painting, or time on yourself – a work-out – a hair cut –  even a nap. You can also spend time helping others in some capacity or other. In all these examples and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

The key with time – is not to waste it.

James said: ‘Our life is like the morning fog – it’s here a little while, then it’s gone’

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