‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/18/16


Regret – to be disappointed over something that happened, especially a lost opportunity.

We’ve all done things that we regret. For some, not taking that dream trip, for others, it may be harsh words that were spoken to a friend or loved one – and for some, it can be worse. I have spoken to many thousands of people over the years and a recurring theme – is the matter of regret.

Regret can be a hard taskmaster. A taskmaster that seeks to pronounce you “guilty” every day of your life. Each and every day it strikes our back with the whips of never ending, negative, and sometimes even tormenting replays of the regretful moments, words, scenarios, and actions of our yesterdays. For many, if we had the opportunity to do certain things differently, we would! But this hard taskmaster not only reminds of those regretful scenes, it also adds its own guilt driven dialogue.

Regret seeks to keep us in bondage to a constant sense that yesterday’s mistakes will now be the wind that blows through the sails of our lives today. It wants to enslave us to the type of thinking which says, because of those mistakes, there can never be healing, forgiveness, or restoration. And on and on it goes.

Then of course there is the lighter side of regret. Not taking that dream trip, or looking up that old friend etc. But even the lighter side of regret comes with it’s own weight that has the potential to increase more and more each day.

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However – the beautiful thing about a relationship with God, is we find out that not only does He forgive us, but He has the sovereign and supernatural power to change the hearts and minds of others. Now, it is true, there may be people, circumstances, and situations that seemingly will never change. But when that is the case, because of God’s unfailing love and divine authority, He sees to it that we are freed from the daily whips and dialogue of the taskmaster of regret. This freedom then molds and shapes our hearts, minds, character, and perspective, into a maturity which seeks to make peace, restitution, and endeavor to make things right whenever and wherever possible. At times however, we will find that there are just some things and people that won’t change. When that is the case, God tells us we have to leave those things in His hands. But as we trust Him, and walk in love, even in the absence of visible change, God sees to it that our hearts and lives are no longer in bondage to, or influenced by, the taskmaster of regret.

The truth is, as we seek God’s help and counsel in this area, we can minimize and even eliminate regrets.

Jesus said: ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ If you have regrets, (I know I do), place them in the arms of God. His love never fails, and He knows exactly what to do!

Whatever it may be – give it to God. That is the move that will help wipe out the term and effect of regret in your life – forever. Let the wind of God blow through the sails of your life, not the wind of regrets.

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