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‘Something To Think About’ B101.5 FM Radio Message – 1/6/16


Many times we think – “If only I had ‘more’, I could do more for others.”

The truth is, God is not looking at the amount of what’s in your hand – as much as He’s looking at the abundance of what’s in your heart.

Many of us have ‘way bigger’ hearts than we do bank accounts.

In His word, God does beautiful, mighty and miraculous things through people who didn’t have much in the realm of personal resources – but their ‘hearts’ were ablaze with faith and love for the Lord. How about Moses, with a simple shepherd’s staff in his hand carrying the power of God’s might and authority, or Gideon’s army of 300, with clay pots and torches, defeating an army of 135,000. How about the widow who used 1 single cake to feed the prophet, and then never went hungry, or David, who without sword or shield, defeated the giant Goliath with a sling and a stone.

All those things alone, or by themselves, without God in their hearts and lives would have been empty and useless. But once they were placed in the realm of divine love and purpose, they became the ingredients for the miraculous.

If our hearts are yielded to God, He is well able to accomplish His perfect will, in, and through, our lives. And if He feels we need more, He is well able to provide the more that we need. After all, ‘The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.’

Remember, It’s not ‘what’ we have in our hands, but ‘who’ we have in our hearts. And when our hearts belong to God – our hands belong to miracles!

Share an experience or memory with us of how God has used, in ‘your’ life, the simplicity of a loving heart and faith, to release the unfailing power of God’s love.

Thanks, and I look forward to the blessing of your comments.


  1. Amen! For me it was people at church saying hi and telling me that Jesus loves me… So just remember that just letting someone know you are thinking about them and Jesus loves them is worth everything!

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