I love The Lord… Because.

A very difficult aspect of any human relationship is the feeling that someone you love or care about is not ‘hearing’ your heart. Perhaps a wife feeling her husband does not listen to her, or visa versa. Maybe a friend who does ‘Most’ of the talking, or never calls unless you do, and even then barely has time for you.

It could be members of a Church congregation who are so caught up in themselves that they ‘Can’t’ hear or appreciate the joy and truth of any message. Believe it or not, even Jesus Himself had folks who would not listen to – or hear – His words.

It could even be young people in a classroom setting who do not recognize the value of the subject, or the passionate commitment of the Teacher. For the Artist, their voice is their painting or sculpture, for the Author, their voice is their book, for the Musician, their voice is the melodies and lyrics of their music, For the civil servant, their daily passion to serve. And the list goes on.

Think of those who spend their lives in passionate and heartfelt commitment to that which they love and hold dear, in order to bless and serve others – and yet feel that no one is ‘hearing’ or ‘seeing’ what they are saying and doing.

The bottom line is – for anyone – it is a very difficult thing and sometimes, it just simply hurts.

HOWEVER – there are ears that lovingly hear and constantly see us, in every situation. From the quiet whispers of our hearts, to the day to day passion and commitment of our lives, to the greatest calamities in life, even in the very valley of the shadow of death:

‘I love The Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined His ear unto me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.’

[Psalm 116:1-2]

God Bless You and Remember,



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