“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 6/27/19

The other night we were listening to the recorded voices of several of my grandchildren on our new CD entitled ‘A Different Dream’.

It is at the end of a song called, ‘I will wait for You’…with a very Irish feel. I wanted their voices on the song to express the innocence and blessing of the hearts of children. While looking at the kids, I was amazed at how quickly they were growing up. But I was also struck by the blessing and beauty of the joy and the fun they were having during those moments while they were singing their parts. Each of them still had that joyful look of childhood in their eyes. There was laughter and singing coming from the eyes and sounds of voices who had not yet journeyed into the land of stress, deadlines, and anxiety. These were the eyes and voices of children. Children who loved God, music, the moment, and each other. These were eyes and voices that had not yet been jaded or hardened by the realities of this life.

I’m thankful to have these voices captured and recorded. I am equally thankful for the memories and the photos that were taken that night. By the way, they did an amazing job, and that will no doubt be confirmed upon every heart who listens to the CD.

‘The Kingdom of God is more than just the reality of everlasting life.’ Click To Tweet

I’m also exceedingly thankful for the great hope and promise that we have been given, to one day be restored to the place and blessing of innocence. The kingdom of God is more than just the reality of everlasting life. It is also that place where all that God originally intended for humanity in the Garden of Eden, will now be forever experienced in His Holy presence, by all those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Innocence, perfect peace, joy unspeakable, eternal life without tears, pain, sickness, sorrow, sadness or death.

In the mean time, we have the opportunity to tap into all the graces that God has made available to us in this life. As we grow in the Lord, many of the heavenly blessings begin to grow in us. We find that there is a supernatural peace, joy, and strength, just to name a few, that this world could never give to us, but God does give, to all who ask Him and all who seek Him. Time is truly flying, so let’s fly toward the innocence and blessing of childhood. Take advantage of every moment God has given you today. Ask God to fill you with all that He has made available through His Son, and, to prepare you for the amazing life to come, when we shall all see Him, face to face. The blessing and innocence of childhood, is always just a prayer away.