Child walking on snow path

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 1/29/17

There’s a story of a family who had 3 feet of snow fall upon their town. The next morning, the dad decided to dig a path so the children could play follow the leader. He told his children, “Now stay on the path, and you’ll be ok? As long as they stayed on the path they were fine, but as soon as they stepped off the path they stumbled and fell.

This is exactly how it is with following God. He has cut a clear and perfect path and calls us to follow Him into joy, blessing and genuine life. If we stay on the path, we will be ok, but the danger always enters in when we choose to wander off the path. Many decide to jump off the path because they feel they are taking the more exciting and adventurous way, only to end up with deep regret, and at times injury, as a result. Others choose to avoid ever getting on God’s path to begin with, wanting to ‘Do it on their own’, again, eventually ending up in disappointment, combined with wasted and precious time.

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The truth is, no one who has ever placed their trust in God, and followed Him along His path, has ever regretted it, been bored, or wasted precious time. Quite the contrary, the Life that God has called us to, is one of unending blessing, excitement, challenge, and at times, even danger. The difference is, God is right there with us to see us through to Victory.

If you have been on the path of your own making, and you are realizing that it is not what life should be like, do yourself the greatest favor – Tell God you are ready to follow Him. Once you do, stay on His path, and you’ll be in for the time of your life! In fact, your life will be absolutely amazing, and believe me, boredom is NEVER a part of the true journey of faith.

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