Muddy Road

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 10/25/16

There was a road sign on a dirt road that said, “Choose your rut, you’ll be in it for the next twenty miles.”

Has this happened in your life? Have you taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line, ending up on a road full of ruts? When this happens, many people give up, pull over and just survive and die in the ruts of life. This is a great and terrible tragedy, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

One of the reasons people are still “stuck in the ruts”, is because everything they have looked to, and tried for satisfaction, answers and contentment has failed them. They thought they were moving in the right direction, or perhaps, inwardly knew they were definitely NOT moving in the right direction – only to find that all they were hoping for or planning for, had ended up in disillusionment, disappointment, emptiness, and personal heartache. In other words – deep and damaging – ruts!

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I know all too well about this, because much of this, in many ways, is a description of my own life experience. What made the difference? There’s no other way to say it, nor do I want to say it any other way – Jesus! I was stuck for years in the body, mind, soul, and spirit damaging ruts of this life. The road was dark, my heart and life were broken, and I was stuck! Simply put, I thank God I called the “Spiritual road assistance service”, and Jesus showed up and towed me out of hell. I called upon Him, and He heard my cry!

Look to Jesus, He’s the one that said He will “make a roadway in the wilderness.”

And He makes the rough ways, smooth!

Let Jesus pave the way to a better life, for you, your family and your future.



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