“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/8/16


They say that, “Misery loves company.” Maybe that’s true, but in my line of work, I’ve found that misery – needs to be replaced! Sadly, there are many people who either knowingly, or unknowingly contribute to the misery that people struggle with. This can happen through participating in behaviors that intensify their despair. For example, getting high or drunk with them, or any other actions that the individual has determined helps to anesthetize the individual’s feelings of pain and misery. A negative contribution could also be engaging in improper dialogue that embraces gossip, bitterness, slander, half truths, no truths, or demeaning and degrading people that the person is in some form of current or previous relationship with. THAT NEVER HELPS! Next thing you know – you’re starting to feel miserable.

Dialogue works – but not when it is flowing into a river of unending emotions and feelings that are only intensified by the constancy of vocabulary that is destructive. Not to mention the fact that the person may not be relaying or sharing “all the facts”, but only those things which the person wants you to know in order to present their take on things and draw you into something other than actual and authentic truth. In this way, dialogue becomes a betraying component to the relationship because, it is not genuinely contributing to the persons need to be free, healed, delivered and set free from that which holds their hearts, minds, actions, feelings, even their future, in bondage. Only truth makes us free.

Now, there are many factors that contribute to misery. We could spend a week on this topic and not even begin to touch on all the things that could lead a person into the place of misery. But with all the things that lead to misery, there is only one thing that eliminates it – and that is love!  “Misery loves company?” Later for that slogan! It doesn’t really matter what misery loves – what matters is God loves people who struggle with misery. And God’s love never fails!

It doesn’t matter what misery loves, what matters, is God loves people who struggle with misery Click To Tweet

The dialogue of true loving fellowship and prayer, dipped in God’s holy love, His word and His eternal wisdom, empowered by the anointing of His Holy Spirit, will break the chains and bondage of misery – every single time! If we truly love the person, then we will only bring truth and true love.

Misery is darkness and deception operating in a person’s life. Jesus is light and truth. If “Misery loves company”, invite God to be the guest. Good bye misery!

‘The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ [John 1:5]

Share a testimony with us of how God brought you from darkness, despair and misery, into freedom, joy and peace!


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