‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 6/6/16


Where do you hang out?

If you hang with the crows on the telephone lines of idleness and gossip, your life will always look and sound, well – very ugly.

Every morning my wife and I enjoy a time of devotions and being together on our screened porch. Since we feed the birds there is always a vast and beautiful array of multi-colored, gorgeous birds. However, there is also, at times, the very sharp and semi-ugly sound and scream of the crows. Even though they are birds, man do they interfere with the peace and beauty of the moment.

'If you soar with God, your life will always look and sound like Heaven.’ Click To Tweet

But, if you’re willing to soar with eagles into the unpolluted air and atmosphere of God’s presence – your life will always look and sound – like heaven.

Crows and eagles –both make a loud sound – but one speaks of beauty, and grace, and the other? – Well……

Was God trying to show us something? Definitely!

‘As a man thinks within himself, so is he,’ [See Proverbs 23:7]






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