Giving a gift

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 5/24/16


The quality of a gift.

If the quality of a gift reflects the true heart of the one giving the gift, then think of the heart of God concerning the gift of life. Even waking up this morning represents a gift that far outweighs any other gift we could possibly receive. After all, even if you get a spectacular gift today – you only know it– because you are alive to receive it! Do we ever take the time to just thank God for the gift of life?

Oddly enough, many times we never give much thought to the blessing of life, because we are actually living it. Think of it, too busy to be aware of being alive. However, if we were more aware of the miracle that we have been given, we could then be brought into a whole new dimension of joy, inward peace, and understanding.

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Why? Because God gave us life for a reason. A specific purpose to know and experience Him. To know and experience the blessing of His presence. To know, finally, the reason for life by engaging His heart and “will” for our life. Anything less is mere existence and survival interwoven into the greatest unanswered question in the realm of humanity. I know, because I remember the days of mere existence. The cold blank stares out into the distance and the darkness. The days of living under the curse of that unanswered question. And then, praise God – the moment the sun finally came up and the curtains were rolled back. That moment when Jesus became real to me. That was the moment life began, true life, abundant life. The moment the question was answered once and for all. Yes, including the fresh awareness that “that moment” was the very beginning of everlasting life in God’s presence – all provided through the Lord’s shed blood on the cross! Many are shy to talk about it. Others that “do” know, perhaps are too ashamed to let their “online social life” be used to share this Good News. I thank God for the opportunity to let you know. I pray you will think about it, pray about it, and let His life, bring you into true and everlasting life.

Speaking of Jesus, the Word of God teaches us:

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” [John 1:4]

And this very same Jesus said:

“I have come to give you life, and have it more abundantly.”  [See John 10:10]

I thank God – for the amazing gift – of life. Nothing in this world compares with You – O God!






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