Heart shaped hands sowing seeds.

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 5/16/16


We will definitely reap what we sow. Now there are many who read or hear that and turn away because they know inwardly that they have been sowing some bad seed. However, if you’re sowing good seed, this is good news, and, a truth that releases blessings, joy, a bountiful harvest, and great reports of victory.

In order to highlight this everlasting truth, here is an update on the story I recently shared with you about the dog we rescued a few weeks back off of a busy highway.

My wife and I sowed the good seed of helping a scared and helpless little dog – and we reaped the good news that the very next day he was reunited with his owner. We really didn’t know if he would be reunited with his actual owner, but at least hoped that he would find a good home. Amazingly enough, we received the good news that the very next morning God answered our prayer.

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With all of the hard and complicated things that people do in this life in order to obtain good results, this is very simple – do good things – and good things will happen.

God said it – and it works!


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