1. Yes he does he allowed my 3 yrs old granddaughter to be brutally murdered. .

    I have lost my faith as a result of him not stepping in to stop terrible murder.

    In my opinion God Sucks !!

    • David Hirsch (Author)

      Dear Thomas, My heart breaks with deep pain and heavy sorrow over your unimaginable horror and loss. It’s impossible not to be broken hearted even reading your message. May I say with deep respect that although my personal words would fall empty, please remember in God’s word,, that we learned God’s child, His only Son, Jesus, was also brutally murdered, at the hands of evil men. His blood was shed for all of us, that – through faith in Him, we will all be reconciled back to our lost loved ones. I too lost a loved one to violence and spent years in misery, barely surviving in the shadows. Then, thank God, I learned about the price God paid to prove and demonstrate His love for me. And now knowing I will see my Grandmother again, has given me great hope! God doesn’t suck Thomas – Evil Sucks!

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