The Samaritan tending to the wounded man on the road to Jericho.

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 4/28/16


Yesterday I shared with you about a little dog we rescued who was running scared and dodging cars on the highway. This entire encounter reminded me of several aspects of the parable of the Good Samaritan, where a man was beaten and thrown into a ditch.

In the story, we see that there were people who were walking right by him. They saw with their own eyes that this wounded man was in desperate need, but they ignored him and walked by on the other side. [see Luke 10:25-37]

There were many characters in this situation. As Jesus recounted the story, He commended the man who stopped and took care of the wounded man. There is so much that can be seen and learned about the good, bad, and ugly of human behavior – and potential – in this story. I hope you will take some time out of your day or week, and read, study, and think about what God is saying to us in all of this. One thing is for sure, when God’s love and caring compassion enter an evil and ugly situation, the results end up in all that is good, all that is lovely, all that is virtuous, all that is beneficial for learning, and all that is of a good report.

Then, it is no longer a story about others, but now it is our story. Click To Tweet

Let’s keep today’s message simple. Watch for opportunities to help others, and please don’t walk by on the other side. At the end of each day and story in our lives, we have to determine which part we played in each particular encounter or circumstance. One thing is for sure, Jesus will accurately see each moment, and just like this story, eventually, each moment will be accurately replayed and described. Then, it is no longer a story about others, but now it is our story, which leads to the daily condition of our blessings here on earth and ultimately, our eternity.


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