A dog in the middle of a road.

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 4/27/16


Recently while travelling, I noticed a little dog on the highway dodging cars and scared for his life. I had to pull over and get a hold of this dog. We hung with him for a couple of hours until we could place him in good hands. Initially, while trying to track down his owner, we found out he was a pure bread Jack Russell who would easily be returned home, or at least a good home would be found for him. Not having a dog of our own for many years now, it was both fun and rewarding for my wife and I to have the opportunity to help this cute little lad make his way to safe harbor. Normally our entire Ministry is doing this for people, but this time God had this little munchkin dog in mind.

Later that day, I could not help but think about the parable of the Good Samaritan. At first, not so much the emphasis of who stopped to help the wounded man, but the portion of the parable that speaks of those who knew he was in desperate need, but walked by on the other side of the road, not wanting to get involved. I was even a bit amazed at the ‘amount’ of cars (people), that flew by this scared little thing, without giving a second thought. Now I know this can be a dangerous undertaking, as it pertains to not endangering another life while driving at high speeds. But I noticed that no one wanted to even ‘stop up ahead’ to see if he was going to be alright, (or us).

Jesus recounted this particular story to His audience then, and to us today, for a reason. Click To Tweet

This is exactly what God does for us. While everyone else is flying by, He stops and does something about our need. The Parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the most prolific true stories in human history, and Jesus recounted this particular story to his audience then, and to all of us today, for a reason. [See Luke 10:25-37]

We have to be careful, so very careful, not to allow the fast paced reality, and pressures of life to harden or callous our hearts to such an extreme, that we no longer demonstrate the basic, fundamental acts of human kindness and compassion. Have our hearts become so jaded that we no longer see, or care about the reality of an obvious need right in front of our eyes? I suppose each of us has to carefully examine our own hearts in order to make that determination.

Some may say, “Well, why does it matter?” All I can say in response to that is, it mattered to that dog and his owner, or eventual owner. In the biblical account, it mattered to the wounded man and his family. And of equal blessing and impact, it matters to the one who actually stops and makes a difference. God sees it, God honors it, and God blesses it. Why? Because this is EXACTLY what His Son did for us on the cross. Nothing and no one else could have ever provided the answer we needed in our fallen human condition and alienation from God. Simply put, God saw our need, and He did something about it! He came Himself, as a human being, in the bodily form of Jesus, and through His shed blood, He brought all who believe, to safe harbor. Thank God for His unfailing love.

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  1. Something similar happened to my mom and I while we were driving home! I love dogs, thank goodness God placed you on that highway!

  2. We called the SPCA today and found out that the owner showed up the day after!!!!!! To claim their precious little dog, thankfully God put him on that highway right in front of you honey, so he could then be saved from oncoming traffic!!!!! So glad he’s home now!!!

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